The History of Mashhad Zomorod Carpet

  • The history of Mashhad Zomorod Carpet


    Mashhad Zomorod carpet was established in 1997 This company has started  to product machinery  carpet at first . It has been  expanded by attempt of all  managers, employees and kindly  support of  all head boss and board directors,so That zomorod one of The biggest and most valuable machinery carpet companies , now. This company has kept going on With planning its near and far purposes,up dating its machines and equipments and using modern technologies in order to be independent on producing , to improre quadity of its products and response to users rights.

    So it has more sell on The market .

    This company is working on 4 factories with 700 employees

    1-     Dyeing mashhad zomorod factory

    Dyeing zomorod factory is located in kavian industrial state on mashhad to fariman

    road.35 km after mashhad

    dyeing factory was stablished in 2009 and has started to produce from2011. This factory supply acrylic fiber from one of The best and most fomous German companies in the world- Dralon (Biyer) . This name is well known in Iran completely . pile yarn is The main and The most important material in machinery carpet . In The dyeing factory , acrylic fibers dye by very well qualified Europian colors The result is more Than 50 different colors .so used colors have so much stability against The light washing and rubbing as high as International standards .

    These stability are The most important characteristics of pile yorns ,which is essential to These  characterestics

    2-     Zomorod spinning factory

    Zomord spinning factory is located in second fase of Toos industrial state, on mashhad Ghoochan roade  .18 km after mashhad

    This factory had started to produce in 2004 With 6000 production of top and acrylic yarn every year .

    Then after 2 development steps has catched 9000t of tapes and acrylic yarn The acrylic yarn is used specially in weaving of machinery carpet .

    This factory is producing different yarn count .(from NM:50 to Thicker yarn) plus heatseting yarn , by mean of newest an most developed technologies of The world These equipments are completely automatic produced yarn in This spinning factory is being used in weaving zomorod factory and some of Them are being sold to The other companies . spinning factory has a well equipped laboratory .In This lab tests of Q.C are being done by well experienced and studied experts in order to insure The final product quality so produced yarn is one of The  best qualified yarn In Iran .

    3-     Mashhad Negin spinning factory

    The Negin spinning factory  is located in first fase of toos industrial state , an The mashhad to Ghoochan road, 18 km after mashhad .

    This factory had stablished in 1995 and has started to product from 1997, This factory is working with modern equipment , and machines , such as melt spinning machine to produce variable kinds of poly  propylene (p.p) yarn in different count number .

    This factory is able to produce more Than 200 different colors in more Then 1500t capaeity every year .The final products are

    1-     BCF yarn

    2-     Twisted heat set yarn

    3-     Freeze yarn

    4-     Twisting and cabling of different kinds of BCF yarn.

    4-mashhad zomorod carpet factory

    Mashhad zomorod carpet factory is located in second fase of toos industrial state in mashhad to Ghoochan road ,18 km after mashhad this Factory has started producing from 1997.

    It´s production amount is more Then 1800000 m² every year This much capacity has been obtained after 3 developmet   steps Find product of This factory are :

    1-     320 dent P.P carpet

    2-     500 and 700 dent acrylic carpet

    3-     640 dent polyester Belgium carpet

    4-     These products have so beautiful an variable colors and designs . using of modern and developed technology is just one reason for good quality in its carpets

    This factory has variable weaving machine so that it is not common in the other factory in Iran.

    Pridely, This factory announce that is able to satisfy the pleasure and willing of The users by researching The customer´s favorite and needs .In result This factory has improred The industry of machinery carpet in Iran .

    Certifications ,medals and marks

    1-     First  producer of 7 color carpet in Iran

    2-     Winner of The best quality of new millennium of Europe in 2001

    3-     Superior company in quality in Iran in 2001

    4-      Superior company of khorasan state In 2002

    5-     Superior company of khorasan state In 2007

    6-     Superior company of khorasan state In 2010

    7-     Owner of certification from institute of standard and Industrial research of Iran

    8-     Owner of Iso9001 of quality management system

    9-     Owner of research and development certification  from ministry of Industry , mine and Trade

          10- Of quality in khorasan Razavi state in 2010


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