Zomorod Dyeing co.

History of zomorod dyeing company:


Zomorod dyeing company has been constructed in 35 th kilometers of mashhad – fariman road . in  the kavian industrial town with 17000 square meter area in 2010 and has started production in 2012.

Basically this company has designed to dye 60 tons per day which  can reach this capacity easily and quickly.

At the first  step this company is dyeing 30000 kgs fiber daily by using of modern  german  dyeing machines.

Furthermore this company has  industrial waste water treatment unit to prevent harmful  pollution of environment and subterranean water.


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Factory: 7th Alley,2nd Faz,Toose Industrial Estate,Mashhad                
Tehran Office: 3rd floor, No. 289, 7 tir(Hafte tir) Square,Tehran
Email : info@zomorodcarpet.com    export@zomorodcarpet.com Tel: 0098-21-88592720    Fax: 0098-21-88592724-5